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A harness for driving guys


These two friends were finally able to meet alone in an apartment. One of them wears a leather harness on his bare chest, and another, it must be said, is not very dressy either. There have been so hard to prepare this afternoon that they do not lose a second to full mouth kiss, smooch, and finally sucking the cock on the couch. From the outset, the penises stand and most enterprising of the two stands to get down to business. He just gently slide onto her guy, ass nozzle, and grabs his cock to stab him. The movement is soft, flexible, but gradually accelerating as the moans of lovers. The type harness feels grow wings and returns her boyfriend on the back for taking his legs apart and admire the protruding muscles of his torso. Positions, the air of nothing, becoming increasingly sophisticated, tight and acrobatic. Pressure mounts for both male beauty, and in their purses, which emit SOS explosion soon!

Date: April 9, 2020

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