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As in a dream …


The poor guy was starting to bored, reading her magazine while his girlfriend is preparing … C? Was not counting on the fact that he comes out with a real nympho who loves to make her nasty little surprises. Today, she landed majestically from the bathroom, wearing a garter belt, a bra and a long veil transparent green. Besides that? She has a real pig’s head, the brunette with the ponytail and glasses of a bitch. It has one desire: to stall him a cock deep in her mouth and fuck her in every way! And that’s exactly what the guy will do. After a good pipe of Her Majesty, he decided to explore every nook and cranny of his body. He visits her pussy with his fingers, his tongue, before you bake his dick. The pussy of this bitch is a real treat this bastard savor every second. When the cat begins to be too open for his taste, he decides to fuck her ass and grind until exhaustion. He does not regret that choice, believe me, he will conclude the session by jerking off the face of his girlfriend, who continues to feel like a whore moaning.

Date: April 1, 2020

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