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Housewife shameless


This pig has chosen his wife is the least we can say! Already, she is beautiful, blond, elegant, delicious and loves of a dish in particular: the tail. Lying on their bed in their underwear, so it starts by taking his cock in the mouth gently and sensually, then offers him her, ass on a platter. The type has to be slipped in and began to grind slowly, snatching a few squeaks that are even more hungry. The beautiful loves a good start with sodomy ideas to get back up and then get fucked pussy by her boyfriend big club, which does not deprive them of everything. He dips his dick in that pussy and then gets sucked, then plunges back in before pumping again … The game is simply delicious and could continue indefinitely. But the guy likes it too small ass not to go back and pounding like a bastard to dilate fully. Tits of his girlfriend will have to wait a bit before getting the fuck they want to shower …

Date: April 21, 2020

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