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Submitted and desirable


A long corridor, a bedroom, a maid carrying a bottle she must return to the occupants. The bitch who opens the door is oddly dressed and, more worryingly, she wears a mask over the eyes that prevents the recognition. This reflection is broken by the bitch that immobilizes and requires him to wear a hood covering his face and a suit that covers her head and abdomen, but leaves his eyes, his shoulders, her big boobs and her bare buttocks. A leash attached to his neck to prevent him go somewhere else. It must serve a black guy sitting naked in a bathtub. Oh stand, it must suck indeed, the big toe clips attached to her big tits, others for her pussy lips. The other doll also seems subject to the pleasure of the type hidden. He uses his buttocks while the other is employed to abuse the maid. It forces him to polish the male before getting polish her while she licks the pussy of her torturer. This will be the preliminaries leading to the final act of this post-modern stage of sadism soft. The male will prepare the doll’s pussy for fisting gloved the hostess.

Date: March 20, 2020

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